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Pickle Bread, Fruit Leather and Valentines


The girls have been very creative in the kitchen today.

First prepared was the ground beef for jerky later. Daughter Madison mixed a 1½ lb. batch for pepperoni jerky. It’ll set in the fridge for a few hours, so the cure, seasonings and beef become well blended. Then tonight, we’ll put it in the food dehydrator. We have one of those little Jerky-Works guns, which makes things easier. It looks like a small chalking-gun. You simply fill it with seasoned meat and pull the trigger to make uniform ribbons on the dehydrator trays. By morning, we’ll have perfectly dried beef jerky. The ground beef we use is from Farmer Mike, of Fresh-Ayr Organic Farms. It is some of the best ground beef we’ve ever eaten… both Carol and I highly recommend Mike’s Ayrshire beef. Fresh-Ayr Farms is located near Kerkhoven, MN.

Madison then got the dehydrator ready and started for apple fruit leather. I think she filled 2 trays.  The fruit leather should be done tonight.

you cannot deny... this bread looks great

Carol made some bread. It was called Dill Pickle Bread. It sounds weird, looked wonderful and tasted excellent. Trust me when I say it’s good. I hate pickle flavored anything… but this stuff is darn tasty.  If you’re not a bread maker, I’m sure you can talk her into selling a loaf or two.  While Carol was making this, Madison had started making sugar cookies that were in the shape of valentines.  Shortly after the bread came out of the oven, the cookies went in.

this is Daughter Madison's homemade fruit leather, made from Carol's homemade applesauce.

There are lots of things to eat around here tonight.  :eat:   FYI:  We get our apples from our local apple orchard, Sunnyside Apple Orchards.  The orchard is located west of Willmar, just north of Pennock, MN.


The recipe can be found here:  Pickle Bread Recipe


This bread is so good.




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