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We have had an unusually dry winter and spring this year. Because of this I often have casualties in my pool in the morning. The mouse just looking to quench his/her thirst and falling in or a lizard and even sometimes a rabbit. So every morning I check the pool and fish out any casualties from the night before. A couple of days ago while doing my morning pool check I saw this

OK…not unusual this time of year. I scooped him out and tossed him over the pool fence in hopes that some scavenger would get an easy meal.

But then I saw this!

Ewwww!!! Just ewwwww. Frogs absolutely give me the willies! And it was still alive! I had to get it out of the pool but frogs are really really fast in the water! Finally, all the while squealing like a girl, I got it on my skimmer net upside down so it couldn’t jump off. I pulled it out of the water and hurled it over the pool fence. Then I heard a very loud SPLAT! OMG! I just killed it! I didn’t want to kill it! I just wanted it out of my pool! I peered through the pool fence and sure enough, there he was…..flat on his back, legs in the air and not moving. I really felt bad.

I went about my morning chores of feeding the outdoor critters but I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had killed that innocent frog. So, once again, I peered through the pool fence. But instead of seeing his lifeless body I saw this!

You can see all the debris on his back from his landing and frankly I think he looks a little miffed. I watched him for a bit and pretty soon he hopped off. I was sure that he didn’t make it in the long run….probably a brain bleed or something from the fall but watching him hop off made me feel a little bit better.

Then yesterday he was back! Chex chased him out of the pool area for me but I was glad to see him still alive.

OK, so maybe it wasn’t the same frog. But I like to think it was and that he is out there alive and well telling all his frog buddies about the crazy human that almost killed him.

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