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 72 degrees yestarday, so I decided to make a batch of hickory smoked Idaho baking potatoes in Little Chief. I left them in the smoke for two hours and remain in the smoker until tender, about 2-3 hours. To prepare your potatoes, wash and leave the skin on, cut about a 1/4 inch thick, toss in a bowl of olive oil and seasoning of your choice. Cover your smoking racks with foil and perforate it. This keeps the slices from falling through the racks. When smoking the potatoes, just put a light brown color on the potato, about 1 hour of smoke contact. The darker they get, the dryer/tougher they become and take on a slight acidic or vinegar taste. Not bad. I just didn't expect it. Today I used them in a potato salad to serve alongside my chicken jambalaya. The next time I do this, I'm going to use a milder wood alike apple or alder and parboil the potatoes and see what happens. A brew master I work with makes his into a scalloped potato casserole. BTW - this recipe is great with a glass of homebrewed beer or wine, homemade crackers and hot sauce!

Slices on the drying rack                                 Racked for smoking            Photo smoked slices cooling.


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Comment by Jennifer on March 4, 2014 at 2:49pm

"This recipe is great with a glass of homebrewed beer": Cheers to that! Thanks for sharing the technique.


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