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A few years back, our local TV station did a 2 minute, human interest piece on us, regarding Easter and the giving of animals to children as Easter gifts.

The news gal's name, who did the piece, was Kaylin Karsin, of KSAX-TV. This particular piece was the first of two stories - the second was on 4-H. You get to see many of the critters on the farm. The interview featured Carol... with a few seconds of Madison, feeding a baby lamb. Madison was very nervous. As you can see, Carol did a great job.


I wanted to post the video to help celebrate the holiday. I apologize to our Facebook users for having already seen the posting of the video earlier.

Speaking of Easter, Carol just brought another 12 bunnies in to our area farm-store. Carol is the exclusive supplier for the Willmar, MN Runnings store and has been bringing bunnies in every week. The store has been selling out of rabbits every week. With Carol as their supplier, they are able to offer both purebred and crossbred bunnies. There is something for every rabbit lover at the Willmar farm store.

Rich & Carol


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