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We're On Baby Pig-Watch

our prego american guinea hog

Curly Sue is one of our purebred American Guinea Hogs that is pregnant. She was due to farrow yesterday (Dec. 21). As you can see in the photo, her underline is developing. As of this morning, we could not express any milk, nor is her mammary area warm to the touch. This leads us to believe she may be more than a day out from giving birth. But really, who knows? She's…


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No Snow For Christmas... yet

What a difference a year makes.  Last year at this time, those of us who call west-central Minnesota home had 3 ft of snow on the ground already.  This year we have none.  When we do get snow, it’s only a dusting and the above normal temps, quickly melt it.

Our area has a 90% chance of “enjoying” a brown Christmas.  A white Christmas is defined [by our local TV weather guys] as having at least ½” of snow on the ground (often referred to as snow-pack).  If you view our webcam…


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Easter On The Farm: In Review & Today

A few years back, our local TV station did a 2 minute, human interest piece on us, regarding Easter and the giving of animals to children as Easter gifts.

The news gal's name, who did the piece, was Kaylin Karsin, of KSAX-TV. This particular piece was the first of two stories - the second was on 4-H. You get to see many of the critters on the farm. The interview featured Carol... with a few seconds of Madison, feeding a baby lamb. Madison was…


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Pickle Bread, Fruit Leather and Valentines


The girls have been very creative in the kitchen today.

First prepared was the ground beef for jerky later. Daughter Madison mixed a 1½ lb. batch for pepperoni jerky. It’ll set in the fridge for a few hours, so the cure, seasonings and beef become well blended. Then tonight, we’ll put it in the food dehydrator. We have one of those little Jerky-Works guns, which makes things easier. It looks like a small chalking-gun. You simply fill it with seasoned meat and pull the trigger…


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Carol's Homemade Cranberry Orange Bagels

I’m not sure how or why she tried making bagels, but last night she did. They turned out pretty good, too.  I was not familiar with the bagel making process, so it was a bit odd to observe.  To be honest, I had no idea. I guess I just thought of a bagel as a poor quality doughnut.  lol

rolled bagels

Here are freshly prepped bagel dough…

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Bunnies & Beer, It's A Good Thing

We have new bunnies being born and more on the way through Easter.  The kits (baby bunnies) that were born last week are show rabbits.  Madison is an avid 4-H’er and loves showing the rabbits she has raised.  Many of these same rabbits will be sold to other folks, interested in high quality show rabbits.  I can say that with confidence, since Madison and Carol have a pretty good track record.  Many (if not most) of the rabbits they sell to others for show, end up in the…


Added by Coyote Ridge Farms on January 20, 2011 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment

The Calves Are Coming... I Hope

Sometime ago, in late summer, we brought in a new bull - a proven bull. It seems our little bull (Sampson), was first declared a young bull, by a neighbor... then a dud, by us. Which means we skipped a year of calving... we were calf-less in 2010. Now that we are over half way through Jan., we are starting to count the days before our calving season is slated to begin, this year. We are counting down the 9 months from the day we first exposed our "lady cows" to the rent-a-bull that…


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Our Turkey Won A New Cap... Sorta

Speedy Delivery just dropped-off a package from the Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture. It was the prize from their fall photo contest. It seems we won 3rd place for the below photo of one of our Royal Palm heritage turkeys.  Isn't he beautiful?

Royal Palm Tom Turkey

The prize was a very nice baseball style cap from our friends at Minnesota Grown.  Below is the hat we won from the MN Dept. of Agriculture


The hand-written…


Added by Coyote Ridge Farms on January 13, 2011 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

Another Home Brew Please

Last night's meal was memorable.

Although a basic meal, due to its lack of diversity, it was a noteworthy one. The beverage of choice (by me alone) was beer... but it was homemade beer that I had brewed myself. The main dish was Carol's made-from-scratch, butter-milk pancakes (home-made, goat milk butter-milk and our own farm-fresh eggs) and the tasty treat that seemed to bring it all together was the meaty, cottage-style bacon, from our friends at… Continue

Added by Coyote Ridge Farms on January 12, 2011 at 9:30pm — 5 Comments



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