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Tropical Fruits You Should Be Adding to Your Diet

Congratulations to you if you’ve decided on a healthy diet! There’s no better way to keep the inner workings of your body in top shape. From grains to nuts, fruits no doubt will be on the itinerary as well so why not spice things up by putting a few tropical fruits on your grocery list? They’re incredibly yummy and come with a plethora of nutritional benefits. Here are some of the top tropical fruits you should be adding to your diet today!


Dragon fruit enchants people with its pink, scaly exterior marked by white or red inner flesh, speckled with tiny black seeds. It has a texture rather like kiwi, but you’ll find that it has no apparent flavour.  But what it lacks in flavour, it certainly makes up for in nutrition. They are extremely low in terms of cholesterol, high in fibre and those tiny black seeds are brimming with omega 3 fatty acids. Together, this will help you maintain a healthy heart. Having this fruit regularly will help maintain your blood pressure as well as your weight! Said to be rich with antioxidants, it keeps cells and the skin healthy and being high in potassium, it strengthens our bone structure too! But that’s not all- it is also a source of Vitamin C, which helps boost the body’s immunity.

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Technically a nut, a coconut has been called a fruit and a seed too. You get variations from oil to milk, but we’ll be focusing on the refreshing water you find naturally formed within this fruit. Coconut water can be highly beneficial- its properties include being low in calories and containing minerals such as sodium and potassium. This makes it a rather good natural alternative for sports drinks or high calorie drinks. It is also high in calcium, making it a solid contributor to strengthening your bones. Additionally, being a source of antioxidants, amino acids and cytokinin means that the body is well-equipped in dealing with stress and maintains a healthy heart and skin.


High in Vitamins, fibres and certain antioxidants means that this fruit is capable of keeping your body and heart healthy. It is also related to improved eye health and is quite well known for its ability to help with digestion and constipation, thanks to the high fibre, water content and enzymes it contains. Papayas also contain choline- a nutrient known to help with many bodily functions such as sleeping, muscle movement and assisting in fat absorption. This nutrient helps the body deal with chronic inflammation.

Star Fruits

This native fruit to Asia is sweet yet tart and comes with some advantages. It is well known for being a source of Vitamin C, leaving it a good natural remedy for sore throats and the like. It also contains less calories than most other fruits so it’s ideal if you’re including it in a diet to lose weight.

These 4 tropical fruits are nutrient powerhouses so make use of the opportunity and include them in your diet for better results!



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