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Learn How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palate

Drinking wine is not merely pouring the wine into a class and gulping it down. If you really want to enjoy the wine you are drinking and gain the entire experience then there are certain steps you can follow.

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The Glassware

Whether you are drinking a whole glass of wine or whether you are taking just a sip you should ensure that you drink it out of the correct glass. You should avoid drinking wine straight out of the bottle and also from a plastic cup or anything that is not a wine glass. In order for you to gain the entire experience, you should drink the wine off the right glass.

The Colour

Before you taste the wine you should take some time to observe the color of the wine that you are drinking. You can best judge the color of the wine by placing it against a white background.  For instance, holding the wine glass against a white napkin or tablecloth will enable you to clearly see the color of the wine before you drink it.

The Swirl And Smell

Before you drink the wine you should slightly swirl your glass in order to release the aroma of the wine. When you smell the wine that you are going to drink make sure that your nose is in the glass and then take a deep breath and try and pay attention to what the wine smells like as you can tell a lot about wine from its smell. For instance, you can even tell whether a wine is old or young from its smell.

Take A Sip

The next step is to taste the wine. When you do finally drink the wine be sure that you take a moment to enjoy its taste. Take a moment to let your taste buds feel what you have drunk. Try and figure out for yourself what the wine tastes like. For example, you can figure out whether the wine tastes fruity, spicy or a mix of both.

Wine Tasting

If you are someone who enjoys drinking wine and doing it step by step then a trip to a winery will be exciting. Therefore you should consider taking a trip to yarra valley vineyards. This will not only enable you to engage in wine tasting but you may even be able to get a tour of a winery and speak with the staff working at the vineyards.

Ask Your Questions

If you are a wine lover and if you are interested in knowing more, for instance, if you like to know about the history of wine then you should take the opportunity to ask questions from the staff working at the vineyards. You should not think that any question you have is too silly to ask because even if your question is very basic it is still worth asking. For instance, if you want to know what kind of food goes best with wine you should make sure to ask this question as this could aid in enriching your wine drinking experience in the future.



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