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Chef Ian Knauer makes Potato Nachos, from his new cookbook, THE FARM, out in April.

During the week, Ian Knauer leads the life of a New York food writer, developing recipes for the Food Network and writing articles for magazines like Bon Appétit and Men's Health. But on weekends, he repairs to the farm in rural Pennsylvania that his family has owned for generations, where he tends a huge garden, raises chickens, keeps bees, forages, hunts, and most importantly, creates deliciously easy meals for friends and family from the fruits of his labor.

From Spaghetti with Arugula Carbonara to Chicken with Garlic Scape Pesto, the 150 recipes of The Farm inspire cooks to make the most of their market, garden, or CSA. Knauer is inventive and thrifty, wasting nothing: after spreading radishes with bacon butter for a spring hors d'oeuvre, he puts the tops in Pasta with Blue Cheese and Radish Greens. In other recipes, he teaches the craft of small-batch canning, from Tomato Jam to Peaches in Honey Syrup. Knauer also expertly tweaks the recipes of his Pennsylvania Dutch mother and grandmother in homey but spectacular-tasting desserts like Strawberry Sour Cream Ice Cream and Blueberry Belle Crunch.

Whether it's Spinach and Walnut Lasagna or Cowboy Steaks with Guinness Sauce, this is weekday and weekend cooking at its best.

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