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Permaculture, Peak Oil, Climate Change and the Soul of the World - ANIMA MUNDI official trailer 2011

Permaculture - Australia's greatest intellectual export.

Will you survive the transition of human industrial civilization happening now due to peak oil and climate change? Can you see the forest for the trees, the earth for the dream, the universe for the seed? Anima Mundi is an innovative documentary about the planetary animal called the Earth and the human animal we deny, we deny at our own peril, yet a peril that is perfect in design.

David Holmgren -- co-founder of Permaculture
John Seed -- Deep Ecology
Stephan Harding -- Gaian Ecology
Vandana Shiva -- Human Rights
Michael C Ruppert -- Peak Oil (as seen in the movie Collapse)
Michael Reynolds -- Earthships (as seen in the movie Garbage Warrior)
Noam Chomsky -- Activism
Dr Mark O'Meadhra -- Integrative Medicine
Dr Christine James -- Psychology
Permablitz -- Permaculture

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