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Growing Civic Fruit: A Documentary Film about the Boston Tree Party

A film by Jennifer Kelley, this documentary explains the origins and efforts of the Boston Tree Party, a collaborative campaign to plant pairs of heirloom apple trees in publicly used spaces across Greater Boston.

If you would like to screen this film at a community event, or even in the classroom, please let us know and we can provide a high quality version for screenings. Contact us at info@bostontreeparty.org

The Boston Tree Party is a participatory public art project, a performative re-imagining of American political expression, and an urban agriculture project. At its core, the Party is a diverse coalition of communities from across the Greater Boston Area coming together in support of Civic Fruit. Communities ranging from elementary schools to assisted living centers, universities, churches, and more have each committed to planting and caring for their own pair of heirloom apple trees. Together, these trees form a decentralized public urban orchard that symbolizes a commitment to the environmental health of our city and the vitality and interconnectedness of our communities.

The structure and design of the Party is a playful re-imagining of patriotic and political language, imagery, and forms of association. Over fifty communities from across Greater Boston are currently participating as "Tree Party Delegations." Each pair of trees creates a new gathering place and opportunities for learning, exchange, and participation. The project seeks to catalyze a lasting engagement with the issues of food access, health, environmental stewardship, biodiversity, public space, and civic engagement.

The Party launched in April 2011 with the Boston Tree Party Inauguration on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. A new planting campaign will begin in May 2012.

For more information, please visit: http://www.bostontreeparty.org

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