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"It's not about being pure or saintly, it's about moving in the right direction," says New York Times food writer Mark Bittman, author of The Food Matters Cookbook. Bittman considers himself a "less-meatarian," and says that while he loves meat, the best way to move toward sustainability and slowing climate change is for people to consume less meat. ; Meanwhile, eating plants and other natural, unprocessed foods is not only best for the environment--it's best for our health, too.Bittman joins Laura in studio for a conversation about food: what to eat and how, the barriers to eating healthy that so many people face, and to share a few of his "revolutionary" recipes.Eating less meat might be better for the world, but it can definitely be delicious. Buckwheat is actually a fruit, a grain substitute that can be excellent for those with gluten sensitivities, or just a nice alternative to the usual.

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