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At 2:55pm on October 14, 2014, Vicki Bright said…

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it.


At 3:06pm on October 23, 2014, Mary Lou Russo said…

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you so much for your sweet welcome and all your help pointing me in the direction of getting to know my neighbor's. I have been very successful since that day. I now have a local produce farmer and egg farmer every week right down the road! I have two happy animal farmers and just can not decide which one to choose, so for now I am doing one one month and the other the other month, lol:) My 3 year old Grandson and I are going to a local fruit, berries & nuts farm tomorrow. That farm is about an hour away so I will do much freezing and only visit a few months out. I even found a homemaker that will supply me with personal care items. I have spent the most wonderful hours of my time visiting all these farmers and remenising to my childhood farm days:) My husband and I are talking about buying a goat either to raise here or have a local farmer raise for us while we benefit from the milk so I can make my own Kefir and the farmer is going to give me all the tips to make my own cheese. I wasn't kidding when I said Thank you to Farm Aid when they thanked me for volunteering. I have never been happier finally getting back to my roots and getting to know my neighbors. The farm aid awareness was like fairy dust the two days I worked with all those volunteers! I will send you pictures of my walls and flowers in the spring. That will give me time to learn how to do such things (post pics) and they are all gone now for fall leaves are the only necessity right now. Maybe I'll be able to let you know how the goat cheese is coming then too! You are wonderful and I appreciate the time you took to give me the push to visit my neighbors. PS: All the farms I am dealing with are Certified Natural thanks to LocalHarvest.org!!! Love being with so many people who love and appreciate our beautiful earth, our only beautiful earth:) Happy Holloween!

At 3:31pm on October 23, 2014, Olivia Lightle said…

Jennifer--I appreciate your willingness to guide me through the site and look forward to contributing.

At 2:09pm on November 6, 2014, Lorraine Dales said…
Many Thanks.
At 6:19pm on January 7, 2015, Richard E Zollinger said…

Thanks for the welcome Jennifer!

At 8:59pm on January 15, 2015, David Weyeneth said…

Hi Jennifer,

Solar panels atop Glenn Anton Building here at Yakima Valley Community College produce enough power to light up three hundred-watt light bulbs in full sun. I headed the paint crew for one building here which is graced by solar German water heating tubes giving hand-washing water to three buildings, I am told. I have equipment to measure how much air leaks out of a structure such as a house, giving ideas on improving duct integrity and air tightness to reduce heating/cooling costs.

My daughter and I are exploring horse work. I volunteer at the Pegasus project to lead horses for physically impaired kids to ride. I enjoyed listening to Montey Roberts on communication with horses, and I am being taught some of that in classes for volunteers. I value horse work as a sustainable component in providing power for human activity.

The ten acres of desert steppe I bought could be the site of very sustainable development. I would like to see a sweat lodge there.

My cooking is simple. I work on learning cooking and diet to care for my diabetic body.

Love to visit sometime. Or host people on a walkabout on Papa's Mountain.

Thanks for your reply.

Peace and Love,


At 8:03pm on February 7, 2015, Julia Hernandez said…

Jennifer, hi!  Thanks for pointing the way.  I'll head out to look for the biscuit recipe (may be just the thing to go with my pressure cooked chicken this evening!)

At 11:55am on February 8, 2015, martha turner said…

Thank You for kind welcome. I am new to sharing on-line and will share pictures of my garbage bag/shopping bag creations as soon as I figure out how. Today I am growing wheat grass for juicing and potting up some newly rooted rosemary.

At 12:00pm on February 8, 2015, martha turner said…

Oh! Almost forgot. Any spinner's on this site? I am new to top whorl hand spinning and would love any comments. Spinning or preparing the fiber. I have a entire Llama shearing (dirt, tangles and all) that I am hoping cam be used.

At 9:33pm on February 19, 2015, Teresa Henderson said…

Hi Jennifer 

Thanks for the welcome. Not many sites like this one here in Australia. Good to see what's going on in other gardens around the world.


At 12:48pm on March 5, 2015, Gena Davila said…

Thanks for the welcome Jennifer! I hope to learn alot from you folks and share what I can. I also hope this is the last ice/snow storm for DFW. I am so ready to be out there! Greenhouse is holding up well and protecting our decorative plants. I have a few sets of seedlings surviving in there as well: onions, garlic and romaine lettuce. 

At 1:38pm on August 28, 2019, Penny V. said…

It has been about six years. Hi, how ya doing? ;P

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