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(so I am camped in front of the computer for the weekend!) Then again, the forecast for the weekend reads "hail and tornados", so I'm fine with staying inside.

Soooo... I started out with 3 long beds, which, from my prior post, needed the gook raked off. That does not count containers or the raised beds normally used by my kids.

Bed #1 contains corn. It's about a half-foot or a little more high. Yes, I did plant ridiculously early. The first week or so of March. It was warm enough...

Bed #2 starts with two containers planted with Black Krim tomatoes (1 is growing), switches to onions, goes back to tomatoes, segues into sweet peppers, and ends in Swiss chard planted where the wild violets like to bloom. I stopped trying to take them out of the garden.

Bed #3 has cherry belle radish, another radish, carrots, and cucumbers.

Bed #4 is hills of watermelon.

Bed #5 is actually the start of some potato towers. 3 of the 4 are planted. My compost pile ran out of dirt. Don't worry! I've got two new ones started!

Beds #6 and  #7 are waiting for the weather to not be icky and the ground to dry so I can till them up, dig out the pathways (and finish filling my tires!), and plant Kentucky Blue Pole beans and... some sort of pod pea that Mom provided that I don't know the name of.

The old refrigerator that was converted to a raised bed is planted with spinach and leaf lettuce.

The elder kid's strawberries were non-existent, so we dug up that bed, and planted pumpkins and squash there. It is bordered by the "wild" garlic bed (called wild because repeated attempts to convince it to stay in the bed have utterly failed), and the younger son's bed, which is currently sporting a nice potato crop.

Up front, I've got a container of potatos, another of catmint, and several of flowers. There are two flower beds as well, and the tulips have bloomed and the irises are budding. So's the rosebush.

Sound big? Um, yes. Two reasons: 1) less grass to mow, and 2) it's a http://www.hyperlocavore.com based backyard community garden. Currently, my helpers are two third-graders who are friends of my youngest.

Naturally, their favorite part of the gardening is feeding weeds, snails, slugs, and worms to Ille Gal. They feed Tiny a lot of the weeds too. The two seem to really enjoy the goodies.

Oh, and across the back fence, I'll be adding some lilacs and possibly some mock orange.

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