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My love for the changing seasons and the natural order of things means that year-long sunshine,  blue-sky days and clear, star-filled nights with temperatures of 30+ degrees (centigrade) seem somehow "unnatural" to me!  I love nature in all its guises and in the same way that the taste of the first summer peach is something to look forward to and savour when it comes, just because it is so fleeting, so too I enjoy the time when the trees sleep and one can cosy up by the fire.  Don't get me wrong, I love my island home; the peace, tranquility, serenity - the gentle breezes, warm rain and blue skies are wonderful, but just now and then, I have an overwhelming hankering for crisp frosty mornings and distant hilltops with a dusting of snow....and as a woman of action, when these feelings become too strong, there is only one thing for it - in an impromptu moment of madness my flight was booked and my whirlwind winter visit to my second home of York, England (via a few days in London and a visit to Harrogate) went from a germ of an idea into reality in a matter of days.

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