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Why Your Garden Needs Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart irrigation systems are mobile and tablet operated irrigation systems that work on the basis of the information provided by garden sensors and prevailing weather conditions. One of the biggest challenges that a home-owner faces is how to maintain garden without professional help.

The home owner, even if he is a complete home body, may require going out for completing daily chores or to fulfill professional commitments. This makes it difficult for him to take time out for gardening. Thankfully, there are equipment like automatic sprinklers, handy mowers etc available for doing the gardening chores in minimal time and without manual intervention. But, only thing these lack is intelligence.

The smart irrigation systems have provided feasible solutions for bringing intelligence to the way gardening equipment work. All this has been made possible due to IoT or Internet of Things. This technology integrates a variety of devices meant for different purposes with each other through internet and these devices can then be controlled remotely using internet-equipped gadget like tablet or smartphone.

Thus, smart irrigation systems comprise of equipment like sensor containing sprinklers and other irrigation tools that can read the weather conditions and report it to the home owner over the phone he uses. On the basis of the report, the home owner sends back the command of watering the garden. The smart irrigations systems can now more easily be operated through IoT devices like Google Echo products, Alexa etc that accept the voice commands and put the device related to garden maintenance to function.

So, the basic reasons why your garden needs a smart irrigation system are:

  • Garden maintenance becomes easier for the owner. He can control the irrigation devices remotely and according to the conditions at the garden.
  • Garden maintenance schedule is never disrupted. The smart irrigations systems generate report on a regular basis and send them to the owner for taking decisions with added awareness.
  • Garden maintenance works are carried out exactly as per its requirements. The information about the humidity levels, last watering done, and other important details received over smart phone or tablet enables the owner to take appropriate decisions and send commands accordingly.

There are very good smart solution providers like Greeniq that aim at helping users maintain gardens the smart way. It is advisable to try them once to make gardening a more convenient and enjoyable job.

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