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Why should Americans embrace green homes in the coming years?

Hart Cunningham, in his Talks of land ownership for Americans , has put forward certain strategic ideas to combat environmental pollution and streamline the growth of green homes. The concept is all about creating a sustainable environment in the world, particularly in the face of continuous destructive activities being carried out by the humans. At the outset, it is necessary to know that awareness plays a key role in educating the people about the disastrous consequences of environmental exploitation. The age we live in is just a part of the infinite timeline of the universe. It is our responsibility to keep an eye on the health of the planet and embrace green living strategies.

Apart from the developed countries, the developing countries in Asia and elsewhere in the world needs to participate in this drive. Creating a better earth involves identifying the harmful effects created in the environment as a result of human activities. The ecological balance also comes into the discussion. Indiscriminate hunting of blue whales has pushed them on the verge of extinction. In the next few decades, no traces of the largest species in water would be left, if the human activities are not checked. Apart from this, the oceans and water bodies are unable to take any more pollutants. Industries in various parts of the world need to come up with effective alternatives to treat their wastes. The Talks of land ownership for Americans focuses on the necessity of developing Eco-friendly homes, that come with extensive green covers. They are mechanized to cause the least amount of harm to the environment. Not only in America, people from different parts of the world need to move to Eco-friendly homes.

By 2020, it is necessary for the world to adopt an environment-friendly approach towards the planet. The top 1000 scientists in the private sector from India and China need to plan out the industrial strategy towards the environment. It will create a healthy environment for ourselves and the subsequent generations.

The Talks of land ownership for Americans also highlighted on the importance of empowering the women. Apart from providing them with the necessary education about better healthcare facilities, controlling of STDs and creating a healthy environment, the discussion also focused on their role in small businesses. In the developing countries, they can play an effective role in developing the small economy of the country. Evidently, this requires proper training, which has to be programmed soon.

The crux of the discussion revolves around the necessity of green homes and other measures that can be adopted to save the environment. While attempts are being made in America, the rest of the world should also embrace the challenge. Developing green homes will leverage the attempt to make the earth a better place to dwell in the long run.

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Comment by Julien on December 19, 2017 at 10:23am

Great post thanks for sharign


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