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When Should I Call A Tree Service Professional?

Performing tree maintenance, particularly tree trimming, on a tree of any size can be a hazardous project. The size of the tree and its proximity to buildings, power lines, and sidewalks increase the risk that something can go wrong. Failing to make the right cut during pruning or making a mistake could result in damage to your property or even serious injury to your or your loved ones. Contacting a tree service professional is the best way to ensure that tree care of any nature is done correctly in order to ensure the health and beauty of your trees. There are many instances in which you should definitely not hesitate in calling a professional tree service company and avoid a costly or damaging mistake. 

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  1. Following A Storm

Storms, especially ones with heavy winds, can cause more damage to the tree than what’s visible. One severely broken branch can distract you from seeing other minor damage elsewhere in the tree. This hidden damage may compromise the structural integrity of the tree and make trimming it yourself dangerous. It is also important to remember that heavy rains can erode the soil around the tree’s root structure, make it more prone to falling while also creating slippery conditions. Wet branches are also heavier and more likely to break off unexpectedly. A professional arborist will be able to identify potential risk factors so that the tree can be trimmed and treated safely. Tree service professionals will also come prepared with the necessary tools, equipment and technicians to ensure that your tree is safe and protected following storm damage of any kind.

  1. When Blocking Scenic Views

Do you have a large, overgrown tree blocking beautiful views? Trimming a tree on your own in order open up the view from your window can be risky. If you were to make a mistake, you would not only damage the tree but you would also be forced to stare at the mistake for an extended length of time. A tree service professional has the intuitive knowledge and experience to determine the best branches to remove in order toreduce just enough foliage to open scenic views while maintaining the health of the tree. By calling a reliable tree service company, you will end up with treesthat are healthy, well shapedand complement scenery rather than block it.

  1. When Trees Are Unhealthy

A professional arborist should always handle care for trees with obvious signs of disease, rot, or insect infestation. It is difficult for someone without dedicated knowledge to accurately determinethe problem or whether the tree’s stability has been compromised. Trees tend to rot from the inside out, and a tree with bark that looks healthy at first glance might become a safety hazard once you get in the tree. A tree service company is able to identify all issues affecting the health of your tree and then perform the necessary measures to treat and preserve the tree.

  1. When A Tree Is Leaning

A leaning tree or even leaning branches can also create a significant risk for damage or injury. Safely removing a leaning tree or pruning damaged branches is not easily done without the necessary experience and equipment. The wrong cut, or the right one executed poorly, can cause the tree or branch to be pushed towards you rather than falling safely away. It takes a well-trained professional tree service technician to judge the angle of the lean and the most effective way to address the issue.

  1. When The Tree Is Close To Your House, Deck, Garage, Patio, or Sidewalk

The cost of hiring professional tree services are much more affordable than the amount of money you risk paying in damage from trees that have grown too large and too close to your home or property. Attempting to trim trees in close proximity to your house, deck, patio, sidewalk or pool can result in costly repairs if not done correctly; it can also result in damage to the tree itself. It’s far better to request a quote from a tree service professional if you have any concerns abouttree branches growing dangerously close to your home or any other structure on your property.

  1. Newly Transplanted Trees

Transplanted trees take time to settle into their new home. Because it can take a while for the roots to grow into the new soil and develop a solid base, it is not advised to perform inexperienced tree service as this can cause damage to new or young trees. Arborists come equipped with tools that will help them to safely access the tree without putting unnecessary stress on the root structure. They are also able to identify any potential issues that could stump the tree’s growth or health.

When In Doubt, Call The Professionals

If you are unsure about how to treat, care or maintain your trees, it is far better to call an experienced and professional tree service company. Tree care professionals such as Nevada Tree Service of Las Vegas, Nevada are best equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to optimally care for any tree on your property.

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