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What is the Difference Between Onyx and Marble Tiles?

In building and construction, it costs more time and resources to do the finishing than it takes to construct a building. The appearance after a building is finished says a lot about the owner of the building. Choosing the right finishing materials influences greatly on the overall value of the building. Building a house without tiles has become outdated and if you build one without, it may not have much value. Actually, you can build a house with the exact same design of another person but you end up selling it at a lower cost due to the kind of finishing materials that you used.

Tiles are one of the things that you have to carefully choose for your building. For many building owners, they are torn between onyx and marble tiles. Each of these tiles are different and special in their own way and you need to dig deeper to know and understand the tiles that you need for your building.

Onyx tiles.
These kinds of tiles are preferred by the people who are looking to grab attention. These tiles are very luxurious and they have a vein running through them. These veins give the tile a very appealing look. The tiles come in different colors that are really eye-catching. With all these appealing features, onyx tiles are not as long-lasting as the other kind of tiles. These tiles are the best deal for the building owners who look forward to sell off their property and they want their buildings to be as attractive as possible.
The marble tiles.
This is the most classic choice that people can easily recognize. When installed professionally, marble tiles give a lavish look. Just like the onyx tiles, marble tiles have unique veins that give every tile a unique character. It also has different colors to choose from but the most popular and easily available are the white and gray tiles. Marble tiles can be used for both the floors and the walls and it is commonly used around the fireplace as it can easily transform from the most mundane fireplace to a focal point,
The verdict.
Both of these tiles are great and they are commonly confused as they look so similar. Deciding the tiles to settle for mostly depends on your personal preference. If your main use is to install the tiles on the walls, onyx tiles might be the best choice for you but if you intend to install on the floor that is regularly used, it is recommendable to install the marble tiles. Many times clients may be in need of onyx tiles only to end up with marble tiles. It needs close look into details to know what tiles you are getting.

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