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If you have a tick problem, you may eliminate most of your ticks by using dry-ice traps in the spring and fall. Ticks hunt by CO2 detection to find prey with blood and a CO2 signature (exhaust).  Use several small tubs of dry-ice, covered with a thick layer of heavy white felt (that touches the ground on all sides) ... and place these around your garden and/or yard areas.  As the dry-ice melts, CO2 from this ice is trapped by the heavy felt.  Ticks will use their sensing abilities to find the location of the CO2, and crawl on the felt where they will stay for hours hoping for their next meal.  After a few hours, you should have dozens of ticks you can bag-and-trash or burn in a safe manner (along with the felt if you want to save time).  Over the years, I have found that ticks will cluster and if you place your trap in or near a cluster you could have captured over 100 ticks in a short time period.  Good hunting!!  

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Comment by Jennifer on September 2, 2013 at 10:57am

David, I have to plead ignorance: Why spring and fall and not summer, too? To slow evaporation? (And thanks so much for sharing this!)

Comment by David Nuttle on September 2, 2013 at 11:03am

Jennifer, you can use the dry-ice tick traps as often as needed.  Usually, use in the spring and fall will end your tick problem.


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