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My name is Doug. I'm a member of a very unique group of people and we're embarking on something very exciting this year. This group, my community, my family for the past year are either employees or patrons of Cafe Nola, an eclectic little restaurant and coffeehouse in downtown Frederick. That's in Maryland.

Being proponents of the small farm/ small business movement (Nola being one) and some of us amateur gardeners in the making, we've decided to start our own small farm. The idea is to become a restaurant that grows a percentage of it's own food. We're going to focus on heirloom varieties of vegetables for our 'chef's specials' and our brunch menus. We'll be growing varieties of veggies that you can't find anywhere else, and bringing them straight to Nola. We will allso be building a chicken coupe to house our heritage breed hens. We plan on supplementing Nola's egg supply with our own free-range huevos. Pretty exciting.

Now, I've never done this before. I have two years of moderate organic gardening experience. But we're just going to do it. I'm going to be documenting our progress here. This blog will be my farm journal for this season. It will be a sort of step by step look at how to try to pull something like this off.

Wish me luck

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Comment by Cornelia on March 30, 2010 at 2:43pm
Wow, this sounds great! Thank you, Doug, for creating your farm journal on HOMEGROWN.org - we look forward to hearing your stories.
Comment by Wendy Matheson on March 31, 2010 at 11:51am
Good luck with your project, Doug! It sounds really exciting! However, I couldn't help but giggle at "chicken coupe."

Comment by Farm Frederick on April 3, 2010 at 5:52pm
thats an amazing car... I want one pretty bad.


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