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A friend sent me an email with a link to this Flagpole Project and to say it moved me is a huge understatement. So I thought I would share it with you all.

Standing 400 feet tall, the new Acuity Insurance Flagpole in Sheboygan, WI is the tallest flagpole in North America.

Flagpole Facts:

- 400-foot flagpole weighs approximately 420,000 pounds
– There are two versions of the 60- by 120-foot flag:
* 220 pound flag is flown during normal conditions
* 350 pound flag is flown during harsher weather
– Each star is 3 feet high and each stripe is 4 1/2 feet wide
– 680 cubic yards of concrete used in foundation
– Over 500 gallons of paint cover the pole
– 11-foot diameter at base tapers to 5 1/2-foot diameter at top
– Three pendulum-style tuned mass dampers reduce movement and vibration
– Designed to withstand a low temperature of -42°F

A brick paver patio featuring the names of Sheboygan County residents killed in active duty is installed at the flagpole’s base.

Kudos to Ben Salzmann, President & CEO of Acuity Insurance for this quote:

“It’s something everyone would rally around. Every time you see it, it means something. A symbol of freedom, but also a symbol of hope.”

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