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It is known that the brain spends a considerable amount of time building up the hierarchy of various aspects of the information which it received and only then perceives information in parts. And this hierarchy is our own. Infographics make it much easier for the brain to build this hierarchy, thereby speeding up the perception of information.

An additional advantage of infographics is the presence of images that allow you to distract yourself and not get bored of the uniformity of information.

Creating infographics,  remember that not all information is good in the form of infographics. It happens that the visual elements complicate, rather than speed up the perception. Then you should either look for another device or go back to the traditional pitch. To do this, take the PDF with infographics and then convert PDF to Doc. This is a simple but effective way to return a text form to the file or to help remove graphics objects. To do this, use the online converter from PDF to Doc - onlineocr.net

For good infographics, a good idea of filing is needed. How can you visualize what you want to say? How would you figuratively try to explain this to the children?

There are different formats of infographics: diagrams, scales, sorting by color and size, a map, and everything that fantasy can tell. Use is the format that will make the perception as easy as possible.

Do not forget that infographics should be simple. It is better to divide the information into two understandable pictures than to make one incomprehensible. If the infographics are simpler, than it is easier to convert from PDF to Word. All key points must be interrelated. Do not pull the meaning behind your ears, use obvious associations.

Do not forget that the color and composition in the infographics are no less important than in the masterpieces of world painting. You remember that children's stories are always illustrated with pictures and images are exactly  it is what most people like to look. So with infographics illustration draws attention, accentuates it on important points of the article and as a result even technical data is absorbed  better. Especially good infographics cope when it is necessary to demonstrate the relationship between some parameters, the algorithm of operation or the device of something complex, and also, the change of some parameter in time. But when there are a lot of illustrations, it is not will be easy to convert such PDF to Word.

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