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Sometime ago, in late summer, we brought in a new bull - a proven bull. It seems our little bull (Sampson), was first declared a young bull, by a neighbor... then a dud, by us. Which means we skipped a year of calving... we were calf-less in 2010. Now that we are over half way through Jan., we are starting to count the days before our calving season is slated to begin, this year. We are counting down the 9 months from the day we first exposed our "lady cows" to the rent-a-bull that we brought in back in June.

Those of you who have been following us and our cattle, may have already seen a pic or two of the bull we leased. His name was Curly. We were lucky enough to have him for a few months. As you can see he is/was a handsome devil.

curly the bull
The photo was taken this last fall. Knowing Curly has already had offspring, we are banking on calves this year. In a mere 70 (or so) days, we will be on high alert for calves coming home with their mamas or a cow or two, not coming home with the rest of the heard. I think the magic date is March 27th, Since many folks are more cattle people than homesteaders types, we are starting a Facebook Page just to keep you informed about our cows, upcoming calves as well as pasturing updates and improvements. Later in the game, we will announce any calves we will have for sale... as well as our grass-fed Highland beef.

We invite you to become a fan of our new page at http://facebook.com/pages/Coyote-Ridge-Ranch. Joining the page for just a few weeks would be huge for us, as we need a few more fans to qualify for a registered FB user-name. When you join the page, let us know where you're from. We love hearing from our HomeGrown friends.


Rich & Carol

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