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If you aim yourself at me to take a *stab* at communication
I'm going to wonder if it's just a game to you or what is your intention
I'll let you know right off the bat I'm sick of these surface situations
I've seen it and I want a new direction
So if you start a conversation you know which way I'm gonna take it
I want to get to know you, I want to know to get you, to know you get me

I want to dig deeper
I want to grab a shovel and scoop out your face
I want to thrust my hands into the dirt of your experience
I want to squash the slimy centipedes between my knuckles
I want to hear your knees buckle as you gasp for breath
I want to swill you in my mouth like honeysuckle rose
I want you to chuckle until milk squirts out your nose
I want to f**k you until your poetry turns prose
I want to waltz with every one of your closeted skeletons
I want to eat the mescalin of your memories and the little baggie they sell it in

I want to dig deeper
I want to feel your bass in my ribcage like an 808 speaker
I want to mix up your elements like a chemistry class beaker
I want to wring you out like a towel found on 9nth inning bleachers
I want the stench of your sweat to burn my nostrils
I want to lick your armpits while we dance like minstrels
I want to reach down your throat and tickle your tonsils
I want to finger the fissures of your forgotten fossils
I want to cut my barefeet on your beach of conchshells
And bleed into your earth riddled with potholes and bombshells
I want to bruise my brain with your bad dreams like a cudgel
Just show me what's real, expose your flesh and your muscles
I want to open you up and display your insides in my window
I want to eat that bleeding heart on your sleeve and go for the liver

I want to dig deeper
I better get out the industrial machinery and my caterpillar operating manual
'Cause it's not deep enough
I might have to find me a foreman that can run a forty man crew to get the job done
'Cause it's not deep enough
I better come up with some thesis statements about missing links so I can
get grants from the International Archeological Society and get some
student interns I don't have to pay because they're getting college credit to help me
dig this massive hole
'Cause it's not deep enough
I want to dig deeper, I want to get to the core of you
of what's behind this experience, I can't listen or speak enough
I can't absorb enough of the sunshine or the air
I can't breathe enough, I can't even believe in enough
ridiculous stuff to satisfy my endless imagination, this bottomless thrill of living
Why would pretend that we understand or that this could ever BE enough
Why would pretend that we are NOT all falling from a million story drop
and each one of us screaming inside and wondering if that SOUND will EVER STOP
and I can't see the bottom, but it's not deep enough
and I want to dig deeper

So if you see me sitting in the corner talking to myself
because once again I've scared away the children and just about everyone else
if you want to dust off your rusted basement shelves
if you want to go spelunking through 9 levels of heaven and hell
You don't have to hide, Just on come on over and introduce yourself
I've got lots of fresh soil that needs to be turned
and burning hunger deeper than a thousand wishing wells
So if you can dig that baby
take this shovel
and scoop out MY face
'cause I want to get to know you

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