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     Hi folks! My name is Dave, and I live in Central Texas. My wife and I are in the process of converting a spare bedroom into a indoor garden, with seed starting racks, and eventually, full grown plants in containers. We are looking at this as both a secure environment to grow food, as well as a great place to relax. I'm planning on putting up pics as the project continues, right now, there are just some seedlings growing under 4 Ft. flourescent shop lights, which are taking off great, and some other with desktop directional lamps equipped with CFL's. We are going to have this also as a place where I can store my small library of gardening and farming magazines, as well as my school books. I am in college now, after retiring from the Army, and studying Agriculture Science. I already have a certificate from Central Texas College in food and beverage management, which dovetails nicely, as I can follow my vegetables literally from the seed to the plate. My wife was a cook in the Army, and also is finishing up her college work in food and beverage management. She is presently a restaurant manager, so this all fits in great. We are also members of our cowboy church grilling team, so food is in the blood! The room is going to be decorated in western decor, which we both love. I hope this project turns out to be as great as I think it will be!

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