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I had to buy this terrarium. I intend on making one of my own soon enough, but I really had to have this. If you can believe it, I'm actually not one for impulse buys. I usually hem and haw over something so long that I convince myself to put it back on the shelf. In fact, many a shopping trip has ended with me retracing my steps and returning everything in my basket and walking out conflicted and empty handed. Last night I was at CVS and it took me almost fifteen minutes to decide whether or not to buy new eyeliner. In the same color I always wear. Same brand. $7.99. I mean, come on. Well here is proof that I'm capable of a little impulsiveness now and again. Faced with an entire table of terrariums, who wouldn't get a little spendy? Am I right? This terrarium is from The Botanic Studio and it was just one of many supremely beautiful miniature gardens.

1. Cute little mushrooms by weeshop.
2. A terrarium ornament by onegiftoneworld.
3. Rude gnome by PhenomeGNOME.
4. Terrarium necklace by WarmCountryMeadows.
5. Sleeping gnome by PhenomeGNOME.

My Survival Manual for Young People Living in Town has a whole section on making terrariums, and I do believe my mom and a buddy of mine have offered to make some with me so I'll keep you posted. I would really love to put a little garden gnome in one. And maybe a few mushrooms. As usual, Etsy is a treasure chest of inspiration for even the strangest throw-back obsession...

What say you, readers? Any good ideas for a terrarium?

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Comment by Jan Martinez on December 5, 2010 at 1:27pm
These are so cool I used to make these in the 70's You guys have just inspired me to make one . I'm gonna do it for one of my turtles! Thanks I love this site!
Comment by Cornelia on December 4, 2010 at 10:16am
I am equally obsessed and susceptible to weakness for a pretty terrarium. The teardrop one from your link is to DIE for! The Martha Video with Julie Andrews is classic Martha and quite charming.



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