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People always wanted to get good and comfortable sleep daily – where rest is highly required out of the entire bustle. In order to obtain a sound sleep, the sleeping place must be in its best condition especially the sleeping mattress. During the last 20 years, sleeping mattresses are being progressively enhanced through the use of technology to assist people in sleeping better and to solve their sleeping problems.

Memory foam mattresses, one of the most recognized and utilized sleeping mattress around the globe has proved its competency and efficient use to people. It was originally designed for NASA scientists in 1966 as a visco-elastic memory foam designed to resist and shield the astronauts from the force emitted by the gravitational pull at the time of launch and entrance into the earth’s atmosphere.

As one of the top-rated mattresses of all time, what are the unique differentiations of memory foam mattresses from ordinary sleeping mattresses and other kinds? See why and get your own mattress today with the help of Real Mattress Reviews.

Promotes one’s back and spine alignment

A memory foam mattress has the distinct ability of putting the body’s weight evenly on the bed surface, and this helps the support of every single part of the body. The mattress shapes itself to the form of adapting to the curves and edges of the body, emphasizing on the lower back portion and neutralizes the position of the spine.

How does it differ from ordinary mattresses? Mattresses that uses springs usually turns unbalanced when weight is pushed, and the weight only becomes focused on portions where force contraction occurs.

Relieves the body’s pressure points

Except for the purpose of NASA in the making of visco-elastic memory foams, it was also established for the field of medicine, where patients can feel more comfortable during their treatment with the intensive care of memory foams in their bed and seat cushions.

Basically, when the body is forced to stay in a certain constant position for a long period of time, the upward resistance of bedding materials can largely interact with the downward gravitational pull which can influence the soft tissues and blood circulation of the body. Now, pressure aches and pain in sensitive body parts can now be minimized by the alleviating characteristics of memory foam mattresses.

Can effectively adapt to several sleeping positions

You can now sleep with any position you desire – fetal, log, pillow hugger, starfish, and more as the memory foam mattress can accommodate any sleeping position. How? The visco-elastic memory foam is intended to adjust to the body style and types of any person, forming itself to prevent damage to pressure points in the body.

Most importantly, the memory foam mattress can definitely improve the posture of the body especially the parts where you are likely to sleep on like aligning the spine in the back, supporting waist, hips, and shoulders, prevents pain when lying on the stomach.

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