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Wow!  Getting cauliflower, carrots and broccoli galore from the garden.  The peas didn't set well but we get handfuls every now and then.  Planting more of them for a fall crop.  Beans are almost ready and beets are growing.


We purchased a backhoe and have started the right of way into the property.  Meanwhile we fixed the bridge on the other way in that the beavers were having fun with last year.  We haven't figured out where they went to or why they left but it is less hectic with them gone right now.  We do hope they will come back as we were beginning to make a peaceful existence with them. 

We found water at the first spot we doused!! EXCITING! 

We now have barings for where we want the inground tenement housing to go.  This will be on a southwest facing slope of our hill and encompase about 100 linear feet.  We are projecting at least a single story structure with apartments 20 x 30 each and some potential to be 2 story.  maybe it all will be.  We are designing but letting the land help us design!  Right now the views are hidden but soon we will be clearing.

We have a low impact logger in ,taking out the diseased beech.  The process is slow but at a pace I can live with.  My husband would like it moving faster but I am glad it is not.   We tried doing it ourselves and there is troo much to work on to be able to do it all.  We thought wee had folks wanting to help out to earn a spot for themselves but they have gone.  Too much work?  I don't see it as work.  I see it as being where I am intended to be.  I get excited at the hope of being out here on the 70 acres every day I can.

Two weeks ago, one of our guinea hens came home with 24 little ones!!!  My sister  who teaches me about guineas is surprised she brought them back to me.  She shared how to gather them and put them in a pen so the mom can keep them warm until their thermostats are working.

Two days ago, one brooding hen showed me new little chicks under her.  Today I counted eight, then nine later on!  So all is well on the new starts.

Also I have started orange, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit trees this past winter.  I will keep them inside during the winter.  Right now they are in the greenhouse.  I will use any fruits for cleaning solutions (as they will be small, I am in Maine).  Anything I need to know about getting them to fruit?


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