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As an artist and a farmer I started a program called Art of the farm. We go to farms and create work. We have shows. Half the profits go into an interest free loan fund for organic farmers. We been doing this for 10 years. I would like to see this kind of program grow. We are an unincorporated association of artists. We have no officers no meetings, no grants. It's just us. We only have one rule. No rules. If you'd like to see what we've been doing, please Google Artonthefarm.org

It is my dream it anywhere that I would go; I would be able to make art on a farm. And so would everybody else.

Anybody out there interested?

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Comment by Cornelia on March 10, 2009 at 2:35pm
Hi Alan - I'm so glad you were able to post this so quickly.
Folks, Alan and I have been speaking about getting the word out about this generous, creative, fun and scalable concept for using art to put people on the land. Please check out the web site and feel free to post questions, ideas and feedback for Alan here.
Art On The Farm web site
Comment by Wren Owens on March 11, 2009 at 11:24am
I love the idea for the art on the farm project, Alan! Perhaps you and the other artists you work with would like to visit Close-Knit Alpacas sometime this summer after we've had our annual shearing of all the colorful fleeces!? Let me know your thoughts...you can also email me through the website for Close-Knit. I'm going to go visit the Art on the Farm web site, as well. Hope to chat with you sometime soon!
Comment by Wren Owens on March 11, 2009 at 11:36am
Well, after looking at the Art On The Farm website, I can see it's only for out there in California. My non-profit launched something called "Art in the Kiva" back in '98 and it's similar. There's no reason why we can't do a variation on that and just invite artists local to here that are already on our list to do what you guys are doing out there in CA, so that's probably what we'll do then! Looks like you all are having fun and doing some great things for charity at the same time... Congratulations!
Comment by Cornelia on March 11, 2009 at 11:41am
Thank you, Wren. Yes, that is exactly what Alan would like to see happen. This is his idea, but he wants to share it with everyone (he's very modest even about taking credit for the idea). You can see how it's done on the web site, so give it a whirl!
Comment by Alan Mart on March 12, 2009 at 2:26pm
Let me know if you have any questions , need help etc.
Comment by Jim McNeely on March 12, 2009 at 3:50pm
I was just thinking that the whole persona of "Farmer Joe" with his coveralls that can barely speak english is so wrong. Farming needs a cultural update - it is cool. I love farming my land, there is nothing like it. I also like playing jazz piano, Bach, read histories of philosophy and new literature, and my son and I are creating a robot. The hardest thing of all of this is getting the wisdom about the land to farm well. So I really love this idea about art on the farm, it fits right in with how I've been thinking about this lately.


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