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Spring has sprung and the bears are out .

There has been lots of signs of spring here .The robins have been here for about a month and now the song birds have shown up ,their beautiful songs wake me in the morning. The geese have been flying North in flocks of hundreds . Of course the bears are out too wich means you can't leave anything edible out side. My friend left a cooler on here deck with a loaf of home baked bread and a box of wine in it, that she couldn't fit in her fridge, she awoke to a smelly deck with muddy footprints all over it and a couple of empty bags.Sounds like the bear had a party all he needed was some cheese. We have been working really hard getting our garden in, this weekend alone we planted 36 brocholi plants, 200 onion sets, 2 rows of beets two rows of potatoes and a row of peas, all in raised beds.I had to cover my onion sets with chicken wire to keep the Stellar jays from picking them out. they pulled out maybe half when I wasn't looking. I had to replant them.We also made a temporary cold frame out of extra windows to put over the brocholi .It was a cool 36 degree this morning with rain and hail showers. Last weekend we moved all 24 Tomatoes and 21 pepper plants out to the greenhouse and planted them into large pots ,they are looking very happy now turnig a nice dark green.The green house has warmed up to 68 dergees during the day and we were able to pick our first crop of baby greens for a salad .I also started my first batch of rhubarb mead. I hope it is drinkable..Happy growing.

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