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On Sunday, I realized that it was time to start my seeds indoors for the growing season. the last couple of years I have been sorely lacking in keeping on top of my plants. no actually just very busy and lazy about maintaining my plants in my backyard. Since I live in the city my backyard over the last couple of years has undergone major changes. first was the building of a two car garage, of which I was sorry two see two Colorado blue spruces go and a very old crab tree. The crab tree was barely living due to several bad storms we had in the city over the last couple years( Two major branches had been taken out by lightening and straight line winds.). For the crab tree held a tire swing when I was a little girl and several birthday pinatas....Memories, the swing set was long gone but the fire pit/planting circle remained.

I digress, anyway after building a deck two years ago and the loss of a major branch off the queen Maple tree in the middle of the yard has significantly changed how I can grow plants in my yard. SO this year is going to be very interesting.

I have decided to add a 55 gallon rain barrel, to collect rain off the roof from one of the gutters. the gutter drains into a small portion of the backyard that has wet mucky soil. this portion of the yard just doesn't get very much sun, as well as mushrooms like to grow...overshadowing this corner is a beautiful super old CrabApple tree....one that had a fort in it when I was little.

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