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Roller doors or sectional doors, you decide

When the time comes to invest in a good garage door, you will be confronted with the option of choosing between roller doors or sectional doors. Both these types of doors have their own pros and cons and we aim to list them out below, so that you can make an informed decision.


Firstly let us look at how a roller garage door works –


Roller garage doors, as the name suggests, rolls up and down. The roller doors are made up of slats that are horizontal and these slats roll up neatly when opened and roll down when closed. The advantages of a roller garage door are many. Firstly they can be installed even when you have minimal space overhead; all you need is space for the drum so that the slats can roll around it easily. The roller garage doors are very solid and uniform and are made of steel or aluminium to ensure good security. Another advantage is that you can install the roller garage door outside or inside, with a frame or without one too so they are incredibly versatile. Nowadays you need not get down from your car to open the door, with a remote activated roller door you can do so by sitting in your car with the touch of a button. You can also choose insulation for the garage doors to keep the elements away, which can be great if you are utilising your garage as a workshop or have temperature sensitive items.


When there are pros obviously there are going to be some cons too. For the door to roll you need some head room, if the garage space lacks head room around the door area then it can be a problem. Since they come in horizontal slats, these are the only options available, so you do not get options, the only option is painting the door or choosing a pre-finished design as the elements remain the same. In case of an emergency, the roller door can take time to open so its advised not to be the sole method of entry/exit.


Another popular garage door type is the sectional garage door - these are the most common types of doors in the US. Large horizontal panels which when lifted move along the runners and slide up. The horizontal panels that make up a garage door can be as less as 3 and sometimes as much as 8. The advantages of sectional garage doors are many and the most important one being affordability and ease of use. The sections move up and down in a similar manner as a roller door, but when opened the sections have a larger footprint along the garage ceiling. Sectional garage doors are ideal if you do not have space outside your garage since the door is fixed inside and not outside. If you need insulation for heat then sectional garage doors can provide good thermal abilities but can be hindered by poor installation or maintenance. If you want designs that match your home then you need not worry as there are a lot of designs available and can easily fit with both modern and traditional stylings. Unfortunately one of the biggest downsides is that you need a lot of overhead space inside the garage to fit the runners and any motor for functionality. If you do not have a lot of headspace then sectional doors would not be recommended.

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