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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

There are approx as many roofers to choose from as there are general physicians, and it is recommended that you take utmost care in picking your roofer as you would do with your doctor. Though it’s clear that you are going to hire roofing contractors in Lincoln park MI that employee skilled installers, and it’s evident that you will have to evaluate each proposal and deice on the best value and price you have been offered from them. Then, you can easily decide on which of the contractors you come across are truly professional and you should be doing business with.

While meeting with each roofer, make sure you ask them these vital questions to guide you through their interview.

  • What is the full name and permanent address of the roofer?

Having a roofer that operates in the locality increases the likelihood of fast and superior service. If you are provided with a P O Box, you must ask or their street address as well.

  • Does the roofer carry Insurance cover?

Liability and workers compensation to be specific. If a worker gets injured and the roofer does not have the insurance cover, the homeowner is liable for it. Ask to have latest certificates in this regard. They may carry auto, life and health insurance. Insipid assurances of insurance cover may refer to these.

  • Is the roofer licensed?

Many local and state governments require the roofer to be credentialed or licensed. Get in touch with your county clerk’s office, and even if it is not there you can ask your contractor. Professionals will provide you with a proof of credentials from other entities.

- How Long Has the roofer been in the business?

The longer it is the better. More than 3 years, but everyone had to start somewhere. A newly setup should not be barred from your decision making, but only if everything else if equal. The longer the better!

  • Will the roofer be able to provide references or referrals from the previous clients?

Ask for a minimum of 10 names and contact details of their recent clients, who they have worked with in  the last 12 months. It is not compulsory that you call all 10, but pick any 2 or 3 and make a call. Ask the referrals at minimum 5 questions.

  • Inquire About Workmanship and warranty

Some roofers offer warranty for a year, some longer. The period of warranty by roofers is not really as crucial as the customer referrals. Most workmanship mistakes can be found within the first 12 months, perhaps the first wind storm. The reason this particular question is vital is because most roofers guarantee their workmanship quality and the manufacture warranties the products as long they are being correctly installed. Ensure you understand the warranties and ask the roofer for a copy of each.

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