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Put that Fancy Phone to Use! Map Community Green Spaces

I live in Baltimore City, where there are a lot of abandoned lots and forgotten spaces.


The city government wants to sell off some of those lots, but they don't have enough people-power to go around and check if any gardens, informal parks, or other community gathering spaces are located on the spaces they want to sell.


So an organization called Baltimore Green Space recently gathered a group of volunteers to go around and take photos of these various community green sites, and map them using GPS. That way there is a good record of how these spaces are being used.


I had a lot of fun going on a sort of treasure hunt with my friend Geoff Stack around various sites in West Baltimore. We found bird gardens, rain gardens, a church community garden and meditation area, murals, parks, an a women's rehabilitation center with a working farm.


Plus I finally learned how to use a lot of the fancier features on my new phone! It made me feel a little better for getting such fancy technology.


I posted more photos and links over at www.baltimorediy.org if you are interested.

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