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When I saw this book was written by a couple of veteran gardeners from Utah, I knew it would speak to me. Provident gardening is the term Joy Bossi and Karen Bastow use to describe strategic cultivation in extreme conditions, which is how I grow fruits and vegetables at 6,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada. While their bottom line is getting food on the table, these two women are truly joyful gardeners. They offer great tips on critter control and managing frost, yet they also give elegant design advice like planting purple basil with your marigolds.I enjoy their straight shooting approach: "Now and then, a gardener experiences a few disappointments and frustrations. One such scenario is to discover that the temperature dropped below freezing during the night and the once vibrant green and healthy plants are now wilted and black.Or it might be the realization that a critter or two (or more) feasted on your prize-sized cabbage when you weren't looking." These women feel my pain and offer prevention strategies that are valid.

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