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Progress – Documentary and New Garden

Here in the Bay Area summer has arrived, sunshine, longer days and then scent of blossoms in the air. The move went as smoothly as can be expected, it has been a busy few months settling in.  Our new place is full of light, within walking distance to shopping, restaurants and a nice path along the bay. We have started planted our all container garden – so far so good. Finding room for all the plants varieties has been a challenge – so many to choose from and so little space. Next year I will expand vertically.

Even amid the moving mayhem and holidays we have made progress, we have a pretty darn solid rough cut that we are proud of. We are working on music, and looking for an illustrator for the animations. We need to secure some of the archival footage and newspaper clippings for the Sacramento story. The final step is to hire a professional editor to put the final polish on it, for this we will need to raise more money.  We did not receive the two grants we applied for in the fall. We have begun to reach out to smaller foundations and are brainstorming other fundraising options to get us to the finish line.

In the meantime we have been working on the plans for the updated website, investigating distribution options and working on a long-term sustainable future for the project.  We want it to be available to anyone who wants to see it and for them to share in their communities, but we need to find a way that the project can pay for itself. We are looking at partnerships with existing organizations, pay-per view, donations and sponsorships. If you have any thoughts on this or any ideas you would like to share, please feel free to contact us.  In the meantime we have some really great new interns that are assisting us with research and editing the the short videos, and they are coming our great. We should have a some available on-line soon, so make sure you follow us on facebooktwitter and now instagram as well.

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Comment by Deb von cannon on August 27, 2014 at 7:40am


We have a house with a similar area - neighbor's fence and our boring wall.  It is not as wide, nor does it have as much sun available.  But it is about as exciting as the left photo.  I have watched the water drainage all year and sun pattern for this location and have determined that raised beds or buckets like your homegrown ones are a necessity as over-watering and drainage will be a problem as will the lack of sufficient sun at ground level.  Additionally, I have to make my area visually attractive to gain support from my husband.  He and I are near polar opposites with regard to fashion over function.  Our area is NOT one that guests will be hanging in due to the narrow space, at least part of it.  And the part that IS for social events is not accessible without everyone coming thru my bedroom at this time-which is not cool.   Additionally, the wood deck sits right next to the ever-running AC unit so we can't even relax and chat there without the noise being ridiculous.  It is a work that is starting to have progress and I thank you for your simple photos of ideas.

Comment by Jennifer on August 28, 2014 at 10:00am

Beautiful! What a difference a little love makes! For folks who want to borrow Kristi's make-it-pretty-with-pots plan, you can find tips on potting mix and more in the Container Gardening 101


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