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One of the best ways to save money on your monthly bills is to go green and invest in renewable power systems and more and more people are starting to use renewable energy and are turning away from relying on traditionally used fossil fuels. Here are some most popular systems used for residential purposes.

Solar panels

Obviously, solar panels are a common solution if you are looking into renewable power. Photovoltaic or PV for short solar panels absorb sunlight to produce electricity and are used in both residential and commercial applications. Once installed, running cost are at minimal, as sunlight is free. Additionally, the location is not a big factor, as they can generate energy even in the cloudy days. Homeowners mostly opt for 5kWp solar system because it's compact but still provides great monthly savings.

Wind turbines

Using wind as a power has a long history and installing wind farms – an array of massive wind turbines – is becoming a very important source of power for many countries. However, this system is applicable in smaller scales and is very common in a lot of homes. Wind generated energy is actually more stable than solar energy but disadvantages would be the odd look and noise that they produce.

Hydro power

Hydroelectricity is based on the power of gravity, plain and simple. Water in rivers and streams flows downwards towards the sea and as the water passes through a hydropower system, the unlimited flow of the water drives a turbine which turns the generator and energy is produced. The disadvantage is that you’ll need a nearby river as it depends of access to running water.

Solar water heating

A sun facing collector is heating water that goes into storage for a later use and a variety of configurations at different costs are available providing solutions for different climates and latitudes. Residential solar thermal installations fall into two groups, passive (using heat pipes to circulate water) and active (using heat pumps to circulate water) but both are typically in need of auxiliary energy source that is activated when the water tank falls below minimum temperature setting, ensuring that the hot water is always available.

Heat pump

Heat pumps are using the method of refrigeration cycle as energy is naturally transferred from warmer to colder spaces, no more different that the system that your air conditioner or refrigerator use. However, using small electrical motor heat pump can reverse that process and absorb energy from cold and release it to warmer space. Air and ground heat pumps can be used as both heating and cooling systems and are highly efficient in compare to traditional energy sources, that leads to cutting a big amount of money on your monthly bills.

Domestic biomass boilers

Rather than using gas or oil biomass boilers are using biological materials derived from living organisms and most popular biomass energy to use is wood in the from of logs, pellets and wood chips. Biomass heating will also reduce your carbon footprint, as the emission of carbon dioxide is up to 30 times smaller. Disadvantage would be the space they use, as these boilers are in need of more space than the conventional ones.

Solar oven

These inexpensive and low-tech devices that are easy to use and can even be made yourself are usually as powerful as traditional stoves. They use direct sun heat as an energy source for cooking or heating food and are a great solution for off-grid living lifestyle. Their big disadvantage is relying on weather conditions, as you need a constant sunny climate to use it.

In conclusion, using renewable sources as energy is not inconvenient nor unusual as it sounds and it doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive to own. Additionally, although upgrading towards using these systems means investing more money initially it has a great return in investment over the time and is very eco-friendly.

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