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We've been so busy lately with coop building and other projects around the place, we neglected our garden for a few weeks. It has become over-run with crabgrass and other miscellaneous uselessness. (Fortunately, though, the veggie plants are still doing very well regardless!) Turning a horse pasture into a field of herbs and vegetables is turning out to be extremely tricky with our limited available equipment and resources...

Here is a taste of what we started with (other half of garden area we weren't able to till this year):

Our plans for future weed control include plastic sheeting, mulching, and grazing our chickens in a portable tractor, combined with a couple of pygmy goats and guinea hens (to be purchased next spring). I generally use the white vinegar/dish soap herbicide, but it's just not a realistic solution for an area of this size. It's also painfully clear we are going to have to invest in a compact tractor with a tiller/disc/cultivator and mower attachment. Renting a rear tine walk behind tiller just didn't cut it.

I knew it would be an uphill battle, but we haven't lost the war just yet! Any further suggestions/solutions from members here are greatly appreciated! 

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