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Organic Green Salad with Herbs & Cheese

It is getting too hot in Central Texas for most lettuce and greens but herbs are still strong. When it gets too hot the lettuces will "bolt" or go to seed. They send out flower stems which later become seeds and the tender, sweet greens become bitter. I took an organic packaged mixed greens salad from HEB Plus in Leander and added fresh, just snipped organic herbs which included Texas tarragon, parsley, 2 kinds of basil and dill from my organic front yard garden. I added some white crumbled Mexican Ranch cheese (like you use on green enchiladas). Then I tossed it with Garlic Essence vinagarette dressing! Voila- a tasty, organic salad to compliment any meal or to be a meal in itself. Dried cranberries and seeds and nuts are also a great addition I like to add.

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