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Cold, frozen days are inspiring me to dream about the next season's garden.  Not an expert by any means.  But I'm determined to garden smarter each season, even on a small scale.  My husband and I have the usual arguments about pest control, which involve me swearing off any synthetic pesticides, while he eventually sneaks out a can of this or that when he thinks he has no other alternative.


I'm aiming to read through the new (2009 anyway) Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening.  It seems like a terrific resource for my becoming better versed in natural pest management, for instance.  Don't know if I'll get my husband completely converted, but I'm sure trying.


I've not only been reading this newest encyclopedia, but located a vintage copy of the 50-year-old edition that inspired so many gardeners decades ago.   More about this and other simple living topics at  



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