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One Step At A Time - Learning To Take It Slow

My normal tendency, in just about everything I've ever done, is to jump right in, feet first and just start. No questions asked... just get the ball rolling, get on top of it and try not to fall off. As crazy as that sounds, this method has helped me accomplish a lot of things in my life. Things I would have never done had I thought it through. I was a Marine, for example, when I was 18... I'd never do that now! Mostly because I'm older and I get tired quicker and the thought of people yelling at me just doesn't do anything for me. And I almost started this farm the same way... I almost jumped right in. But I've made a wonderful decision in the process of developing this farm. A decision that is peeling back layers of my exterior and helping me to get down to the vulnerable core of my being. I've decided to take my time.

This is a novel concept for me, believe me. I usually just move as fast as I can, before anyone has any time to question my movements, with the hopes of success. This can no longer be the way that I approach life or any project I'm leading. I am taking my time. I'm absorbing all there is to absorb in the process of starting a business. I'm allowing for every question to sink in, every doubt to be fully understood and every fear to be dissolved. And you know something? It's been a beautiful process. Taking my time has not only helped me by giving me the time necessary to make big decisions but it has also helped those closest to me feel more comfortable with the risks involved in starting a business.

It's been tricky so far, trying to understand how to pace myself. I still have the same intense energy behind my passion for starting this farm. I still live with my head almost completely in the clouds on a daily basis. So how does someone of my spirit and inclination pace themselves? That's a good question and I'll let you know once I figure it out all the way. The best I can do right now is just take things one day and one step at a time.

This is a big project and it's coming along so well! I've gotten so much support and positive feedback from the Frederick community so far. I met last night with a group of Frederick citizens who run a fantastic project called Annapurna's Kitchen. Its a "pay as you can cafe" that offers food to those in need. We're coming up with ways that my farm can help their project and vice versa. I'm very excited to work along side groups like this. I want this project to help the people who need it most and I believe that I'm on the path to doing so. I just have to keep reminding myself to take my time. I have plenty of time.

I'm giving myself this upcoming year (2014) to plan, prep and connect with the people of downtown Frederick. That's an entire year of planning and thinking ahead. That's something I've never given myself before... a whole year? Wow! And I've had success in the past jumping right into things. Imagine what can be accomplished with ample time. I'm very excited about this project and I feel blessed for the opportunity to stretch my soul and grow my patients. 

So there's been some big news since my last blog post:

**I've found our first plot of land in the downtown area**

-With the help of the Frederick Housing Authority and an amazing man that I'm really getting to know named Kevin, the farm has acquired it's first downtown lot! It's roughly 1/4 acre in size and it's in the heart of downtown Frederick!

I'll post pictures asap.

That's my big news for the moment. I'll keep you all updated as the project moves forward.

Till next time,



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Comment by Jennifer on December 5, 2013 at 11:56am

Doug: Congrats, congrats on finding the first plot of land! What a big step! And congrats, too, on giving yourself (and your loved ones) time to work through this huge undertaking thoughtfully and intentionally. It sounds like you've learned so much already. Your mention of Annapurna reminded me of Ashlee's 101 on starting a food recovery program. I know you've got your hands plenty full(!), but you might check it out or pass it along. And thanks again—so much—for sharing your process with HOMEGROWN. We're learning along with you!

Comment by Farm Frederick on December 5, 2013 at 12:28pm

Thanks for all of the warm wishes and thanks for sharing info on Ashlee's 101. I'll check it out.


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