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The mission of ENFB is to alleviate hunger in USDA Food Desert Districts across America by soliciting, collecting, hydroponically growing, and packaging food for distribution through a network of agencies and programs, as well as provide opportunities for partial self-sufficiency and financial sustainability provided by a unique collaboration of a Food Bank, a Farmers Market and a Hydroponic Facility all under one roof, supporting each other, managed by a new farm family, decreasing the dependency on federal grant and foundation funding, revising the American Food Bank Business Model while creating a new American Farm Business Model.

ENFB will be addressing Food Desert issues in the rural communities of need while educating 4-H and FFA youth in advanced agricultural techniques, retail business administration and non-profit organization operations, inspiring youth to consider agriculture linked with community service as a career profession, teaching them the importance of community volunteerism and its rewards. ENFB is creating the 4-H National Hydroponic Science curriculum to be implemented on a National level, when approved by the 4-H National Council, to allow new agricultural growing techniques that conserve water, seed, fertilizer and pesticide costs to insure greater profitability.


Inspiring youth in agricultural techniques that utilize today’s technologies will prove to develop their interests in small scale farming operations in rural communities, teaching them highly technical farm operations within the hydroponic industry. Our educational program will have a hands-on laboratory where each student will be taught all aspects of hydroponic growing techniques. This educational experience will offer an edge in applying for agricultural, science or natural resource college scholarships. As college agricultural farmers are graduated, new hydroponic operations could be developed in rural, suburban and urban areas by our youth as they progress in their agricultural and/or natural science profession and contribute to society.


Our youth educational program will be titled “LAPTOP FARM: HYDROPONICS” and will be submitted to be classified under the National 4-H  Science Program (On-Line) Science / Plant & Animal / 4-H AgriScience / Biotechnology Activities Program. Over a ten month period, each topic will be revised, mechanically engineered, and adopted to prove out the system, utilizing common components. Each session will be taught weekly per a three hour classroom / three hour laboratory schedule on a monthly bases, advancing each of the ten topics monthly. The curriculum will be retaught annually. So remember, in the rurals we don't say YEEHAW, we say YHOT (Young Hippies of Today). Visit our website www.enfbank.org


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Comment by Jennifer on May 6, 2013 at 10:11am

Hi, all: Just a note that "ENFB" stands for Eastern Nevada Food Bank. You can read more about Jim's ambitious and inspiring project at enfbank.org. Thanks for sharing this, Jim!


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