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OK, admittedly I don't bake it daily, but it sure is a regular occurrence around here. For the past year and a half I've been baking my own bread, because I have a gluten sensitivity. There are commercially produced gluten-free breads available, made from tapioca flour, brown rice, and some other stuff, but frankly, they just aren't that good. For $5 a loaf, I expect my bread to taste like more than packing foam.

There are a lot of great GF bread recipes - I especially love Carol Fenster's baking mix ideas -- but every once in a while, if I'm in a hurry or strapped for time, I'll use a commercial mix. I've tried Bob's Red Mill and Pamela's sandwich bread mixes, and they're not bad, although I've found Bob's to be a little dense. I've discovered, however, that Gluten Free Pantry makes the best sandwich bread mix, hands down. Pricewise, it's comparable to the others, but it's lighter, fluffier, and has a nice bready taste to it.

I let it rise for about an hour, and it got good and airy on the top. Then I baked it the recommended 40 minutes, and this is what it looked like.

I use this bread for toast, sandwiches, and even croutons -- definitely my favorite of the GF bread mixes available on the market today!

GF Crouton Recipe:

2 slices thick GF bread

1 Tbs olive oil

Salt & Pepper

Garlic powder, rosemary, or your other favorite seasonings

Cut the bread into cubes, and throw in a bowl. Add olive oil and seasonings. Use your hands to mix it all together so the bread is coated (if you use a fork, the bread might fall apart). Spread bread cubes on a baking sheet and toast lightly until golden brown. Turn cubes over, toast other side. Once they're brown all over, spread croutons out on a paper town to cool. Add to your salad, or just snack on them by themselves.

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