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Miss Snail Pail, the world is your oyster.

Hi Homegrown! It's been a while... I want to update you on my recent adventures. Here's the latest from my blog,Love and Trash...

If your garden is besieged with snails, you’ve probably joked once or twice about making escargot. After all, a plate of snail meat will set you back $50 at a French restaurant.

Miss Snail Pail has put her mouth where your money is: she “harvests” snails from your garden, and eats them for dinner.

I found Miss Snail Pail (aka Colleen Flanigan) two weeks ago at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. She was hard to miss in her red yarn dreads, stripey socks and coolie hat bedecked with snail shells. Even among this kooky liberal set, she stood out.

“She’s a nut,” one of my friends said.

I beg to differ.

Under that snail hat is a gifted and inspired artist who recently won a TED fellowship for her work.

Read more about Miss Snail Pail's performance art, plus her amazing work with electroforming coral reefs in Bali and Cancun, at the original post.

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