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Looking For Portable Toilets On Rent? Remember These 6 Tips

Be it a small get-together, a wedding, a concert or any other public or private event, portable toilets are a must-have not just as a basic amenity, but as a way to ensure hygiene during and after the event. But, to get the most out of taking portable toilets on rent, you need to keep a few more tips in mind. Read here to know more:

1. Type of event: If it is a small-scale event, you would need deluxe models of portable toilets, depending on the number of people. A lot depends on the duration of event as well. If it is a full-day event with more number of possible visitors, you might need to install some more units as there might be more than one visit to the washroom by each person. So, if there’s a rush; there would be enough number of toilets. Though, using standard units may help you save on total rental for portable toilets, but then you will have to get hand-wash stations installed separately. This means the total cost will more or less be the same.

2. Occasion: If it’s a wedding or any event where people are expected to look good, portable toilets should ideally have bigger mirrors, more space and some basic toiletries. Otherwise too, a standard unit with hand-wash station is a basic requirement no matter what the occasion is.

3. Attendees: Of course, more the number of people; more will be the number of portable toilets that would be required. Also, if there are going to be more number of women and children, more units should be installed. Also, ensure that there’s a dust-bin inside that woman can use to throw sanitary napkins. Further, ensure that there are non-slip floors to ensure safety of kids.  Though, many times a single unit has a men’s urinal and a lavatory pot at a distance of few metres; it is recommended to install separate units of portable toilets for both men and women.

4. Weather conditions: Now, it’s a known fact that urination is more frequent in winters as compared to summers. So, if the event is being organised during winters, make sure adequate number of portable toilets are installed.

5. Type of food: If there will be cocktails and mocktails or any other type of diuretic food at the event, installation of portable toilets is a must.

6. Facilities: Before choosing a provider of portable toilets on rent, check the facilities that are included inside the unit. Ideally, a portable toilet has the following features:

  • A non-flushable toilet
  • Separate urinal
  • Non-slip floor,
  • Hand wash station with soap and running water,
  • Paper towel dispenser,
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet seat covers
  • Further, do keep in mind that there should be at least two toilets (one for men and the other for women) for the differently-abled.

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