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Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture

My charity, NPI, is engaged in the development of innovative sustainable agricultural practices that may be of interest to this community.  Our new integrated means of food production, indoors or outdoors and at any scale, may be seen on a You Tube video (http://youtu.be/cK71v-y15YY).  Articles on two groups of our new technologies may be seen on 1) http://www.needfulprovision.org/articles/counterdesertification.php  ....... and 2) http://www.needfulprovision.org/articles/the-greening-of-energy.php.

NPI has developed a technique to double typical crop yields by adding and mixing 10 percent bioactivated biochar to the top 10 to 12 inches of garden or field soils.  We use a biochar kiln with pyrolysis unit to make biochar from wood/ woody waste.  This biochar is then crushed and soaked for 2 (two) weeks in a mix of water, nearly fresh cow manure, organic compost, soil rich in microbial activity, and algae grown in mineral-rich water.  If you need a design for a biochar kiln, Google has several or you may email me at npiinc2000@aol.com.

If you have discovered some new sustainable agricultural practices, we would like to hear about them.  Thanks.

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