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If you value your time DON'T buy shredded cheese

What's wrong with shredded cheese, you ask?
Well for one, it has an additive ingredient called "non-caking" agents that are used during processing so that the cheese stays in its shredded form and doesn't combine into one big lump. Food "agents" probably aren't that healthy.

The big one is that it costs more.
So, it's a little more, right? No. It can be a lot more.
Look at the price of an 8 oz bag of shredded cheese. Then look at the price of a 2lb block of the same cheese. Divide that by two for the price per pound. At the market I shop, the price of shredded cheese is almost twice the cost of block cheese.

Shredded cheese is costing you more money and you spent your valuable time earning that money. If you factor in all of the conveniences that you buy in your life - shredded cheese, frozen meals, pre-marinaded meats, etc... - it adds up quick.
So why do you need all of these conveniences? Answer- because I spend so many hours at work. Why do you spend so many hours at work? Answer- I have to make X amount of dollars to cover my conveniences.

So the big businesses are making money off of you when you work and ding you again on the conveniences and marketing trivialities that you feel entitled to because you work so much and need more time.

Think about it, some things might be worth it, others not. It really is a minor effort to shred cheese.

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