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I am looking for some feed back on this idea I have............ (this is from my website www.fakepersonrealworld.com)

Who am I and why would anyone trust me?
My name is Lamont Dyck and I live in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada. I have a back yard garden and I have been actively gardening for many years. This year I would like to start some new projects that require capital that I do not have. In the past when I needed money of the essentials I would throw a rent party, I would feed lots of people in hopes that their generosity would cover my rent. I all cases that I did that, I did receive enough money to cover my rent. So you get the picture, I am asking for peoples generosity in order to green up my life and backyard. For all those people that know me personally you know that I can be trusted (may be leave a comment to that). For those people that do not know me personally, well you will just have to trust (I know not much consolation). You can buy a Green Share by using the Donate button via PayPal (found on the left side of the web-site). Thank you!!!

What do you get for your 10 dollar Green Share?
◦ A certificate of how many Green Shares you have (I will send you an email with the certificate in a PDF format)
◦ Be placed on the Green Share honor roll on www.fakepersonrealworld.com
◦ A weekly email update on the many projects that I will be initiating with the Green Shares
◦ I will help offset your carbon foot print

What go you get for your 50 dollar Green Share?
◦ All of the benefits of the 10 dollar share
◦ You will adopt a tomato or pepper plant (you will choose what plant and variety, from what I am planting). You will receive weekly updates on the growth of you plant. You will receive the full harvest of the plant. If you do not live in the Moose Jaw area, the full harvest will be donated with you given full credit.
◦ At the end of the growing season you will receive a sampling of tomato seeds from my garden so that you can grow them in your garden

If I reach my goal of 1500.00 I will commit to do....
◦ Update my website at least once a week
◦ Continue to scan and post early articles from the Harrowsmith magazine
◦ To make a detailed sowing and harvesting records of my garden
◦ To complete and document my phase one (year one) projects

Phase one projects:
◦ Purchasing a bicycle to commute to work and cut down on my car use by 90%
◦ Organic and intensive garden
◦ Collecting of seeds for next years garden
◦ Starting and growing a wide assortment of edible plants

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