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How To Make The Perfect Country Style Garden With A Decorative Windmill

Every woman has a hidden desire to have a country style garden, and every man appreciates the effort that goes into gardening. Children are truly happier when running around and learning things that only outdoors, and nature can teach us. Gardens are therefore very important.

Making a perfect country style garden in a few steps has never been easier. First begin with hanging planters. Get iron planters with a gold finish, diamond shaped pot stands, and white pot stands. You could use plastic plant holders also. Ice cream cone shaped planters can be used to amuse the kids. Pick some favorite plants. Pick Ferns, and Wandering Jew plants for greenery, and Ivy as a creeper. Also add Begonia which looks bright and alive with its reds.

I whole heatedly suggest you plant jasmine. Its fragrance at night is so beautiful that it is almost hypnotic. Marigolds have lost their great charm because of being very easily available but no festival or function is complete without them so plant them. Roses should be planted in various colors. That fragrance of marigolds, roses  and jasmine mixed with the moonlight makes your garden the perfect spot of relaxation before you retire for the night. Perfect setting for after dinner.

Do add some fruit bearing trees to make your garden complete. Mango, and guava trees could be planted with ease, and without needing much care at all. You do not need a very big space trust me it could all be done in a space of 30 feet* 30 feet or even lesser.

The latest trend is that you add a garden-windmill. Why though? It is because homes are where we go to rest, and to be ourselves and homes are a definition of our style, our personality, and the only space which is truly our own in this chaotic world. A garden windmill spells happiness. A wooden one is my suggestion. The size should be as per your requirement. An ideal one would be 13.5*13.5*26 (w*d*h). It will cost you something around $100.

Not only is this garden windmill a great investment for your home, but also a brilliant gift for someone who you care for. It adds character to your garden, and accommodated with a sprinkler, and a swing set totally makes you a home decor expert, and the compliments will keep flowing in.

I suggest you go for a steel, four leg garden windmill which is water resistant. Most windmills of the cost around $60 would help you with wind speed, and direction which is pretty great as we would have been happy even if they were just decor pieces. That means the decor ones cost even lesser. Hope you get to own a garden windmill soon. It is super fabulous.

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