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In my quest to make as many foods from scratch as possible, including bread, jam, and herbs for cooking and tea, I wanted to reach into a new area that has intrigued me for years: homemade sprouts. Having bought cheesecloth nearly seven years ago, this project has been waiting a long time.


After reading a few posts online, and loosely following a description in Simple Food for the Good Life (my favorite cookbook and food resource), I jumped right in.



I found these organic sprouting seeds online – the best part? They’re both certified organic and local (within 100 miles from home).


It is so easy to make sprouts, and it’s a great way to have raw food available all year, especially if you have a long winter.



  • sprouting seeds, such as the varieties available from The Sprout House
  • a mason jar, lid rim, and piece of cheesecloth big enough to fit over the jar’s mouth OR a bowl and plate
  • water

First, place 1 tablespoon of seeds in jar or bowl, and cover with water, and let sit for about 12 hours. At this point you do not need to cover the jar’s mouth or the bowl, unless you’re worried about pets knocking over the seeds.




Cover the jar with cheesecloth and its cover, or the bowl with a plate, and drain out the water. Let the drained seeds sit out for several hours.




Rinse and drain again, and do so two or three times a day.


In a day or two you’ll start to notice the seeds start to sprout.




Once the sprouts are 1-2 inches long, they’re ready to eat!


When they’re finished, make sure to keep the sprouts in a container that circulates air, and to eat them within a week.




And the taste? Delicious, plus I love their crunch. Especially when topped on an avocado-ricotta (I have been really into ricotta lately)-tomato-sprout open-faced sandwich.


Have you ever made your own sprouts before?

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Comment by Aliza Ess on March 24, 2011 at 4:07pm

Yum! Since nothing's growing at this time of year I've got some sprouts going myself :)

Sprouts and red pepper relish are my favorite local food alternative to putting lettuce and tomato on a sandwich.


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